Brother Brock

is creating Adult Sunday School Lessons for Latter-day Saints




In January of 2018 I decided to start uploading my lesson slides as a pdf online. In June of 2018, I was ready for the next step and I decided to start my own blog ( Initially the blog had a high quality pdf file and associated YouTube videos embedded. Then I decided to make my actual presentations available for download in Keynote and PowerPoint formats via Dropbox. Lastly, I thought making the slides presentation as a video was a great idea and set up my own Facebook group.
I decided early on that my lesson material would always be free. I made a donation button on most pages of my blog, and to my surprise - very unexpectedly - a few generous people have donated as a one off via PayPal. The blog receives hundreds of views each week and it is growing fast. 

What will my contribution be used for? It will be used to buy additional books and resources, for my lessons, which in turn would help others as they plan their lessons. Longer term it would be lovely to make the blog advert free which would incur an additional monthly cost. Also increasing my internet speed at home would help with uploading videos and the presentation files. 
How will my contribution be recognised? As long as you are contributing via Patreon, each lesson that is created will have your name appear on the pdf file on the blog and the Facebook video as a list of contributors.
How much and often do I need to contribute? 
Your contribution can be as little as a dollar! Your first contribution is taken by Patreon on the 1st of the following month that you pledge your contribution. From then on, Patreon will take your contribution on the 1st of each month thereafter - you can cancel your contribution at any time. Your pledged amount will never be revealed and is confidential.
Why is the payment in US$? What about other currencies?
Patreon only accepts United States Dollars. If you want to pledge a contribution in an alternative currency you can still use Patreon, but I would suggest using PayPal as your preferred Patreon payment option as PayPal will charge you appropriate conversion and transaction fees based on the transaction and the location of the charge. If you use a debit/credit card for non US$ transactions you will likely incur additional costs by your card issuer or bank.
I want to make a one off contribution! That would be gratefully received. Patreon is designed for recurring monthly contributions. You can make a one off contribution in the currency of your choice via my PayPal link here.
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It would be great to have 12 patrons who want to contribute and say thanks. Your contribution can be as small as $1! Whatever your contribution, it will be gratefully received and put to good use.
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