is creating videos on video games that encourage creativity.

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About Brothgar

Why YouTube? I have been making videos since before YouTube was a thing and have always enjoyed sharing my projects with people. I hope that the content I create is somewhat helpful, inspirational, or just plain enjoyable while being family friendly. I love to see how people draw up their ideas then test them out in the game. It's a scientific process and engineering presented in a video game. I just genuinely love to try new things and make videos.

My Goal: I hope to combine my current science/engineering gaming channel together with my 3D printer project. The Brothgar side of my project aims to inspire and explore ideas in a virtual world in games like Oxygen Not Included. I believe this is a great way to learn about planning for success and learning from failures. The 3D printing side of my project aims to provide a tangible project in the real world that not only teaches a large plethora of skills but is in its self an amazing tool for bringing ideas to life.

Ideally: (person) would find my channel and would enjoy some content and maybe catch a whiff of inspiration. That person would try a few new things in their version of the game based on their own ideas. This same person might see my 3d printer project and think it's cool and maybe become curious about buying a 3d printer. They soon discover that this printer is best not purchased, but built by hand and that there is a guide in place to make it easy to get started. Upon completion of this printer (person) will have experienced the basics of wiring, mechanical assembly, the logistics of a bill of material, how to operate a 3d printer, (and if they are really ambitious) they will have a basic understanding of how to operate a CAD system. So what started as curiosity in a game, has turned into a skill set and the tools to turn ideas into reality.

^ This is what I'm after and this is what I'm striving to enable. A safe place to be curious, and a place to learn the skills needed to bring that curiosity to life. I believe if I can make this happen it will change lives.

Why do I need support? Simply put I generate >500k view a month, but I can't afford the food on my plate. I'm working hard to improve this, but I need help to cover the cost of tools, time, and the basic necessities of life.
What was my job? Most recently I was a lead mechanical design engineer for a company that makes capital equipment for the paper industry. I have worked several job titles over the years as I help transform the company from a print and paper job shop into a mostly automated modern digital company start to finish. Thus I invented plenty of new equipment and implemented many new technologies over the years. I recently ended my employment on a good note after 9 years as I felt it was time to move on. That and I realy needed to escape the cubicle life. Prior to landing a new job I wanted to chase this dream for as long as my runway lasts.

$590.73 of $1,500 per month
At this point working full time as a content creator on YouTube is sustainable. I should be able to eat food, sleep in a bed, and make the content you have come to love on a regular 40+ hour schedule.

Currently, I am riding the savings I have earned from the last several years here on YouTube, and am dedicating a lot of time to improveing income to support this effort.
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