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About Brownes Photography and Adventures

Hi my name is Nico Gregus aka Browne Rosaceae. I've been taking pictures since i had been able to, starting with a mobile phone back then. My passion with photography grew with each new generation and therefore details in pictures. Family and friends always like the pictures i took from plants and landscape whereever I was and whenever i was somewhere.
So, after many, many words from friends, family and visitos from my previous deviantart, i want to do a step further and look how much the world would provide help for my passion becoming more than that.
With your and everyones help, my passion could become a job to earn money with.
Every step and everyones tiniest effort would help me, getting in this direction.

A little more to my person:
Im 30 Years old, had an apprenticeship as a chef and the job went so bad in my country that I stopped 6 years after. At the moment im a callcenter agent. I never lost my passion with craftsmenship and taking pictures in general.  If this patreon gets me high enough, i might consider doing this as a part time jobe or mainjob :)

Thanks for any help provided.

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