Project Brupeg

is creating a Research & Expedition Boat, that you can get on!!!
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About Project Brupeg

Welcome to Brupeg's Patreon page you adventurous person you.

We are building a boat called BRUPEG! and we want to share it with you

She is being rebuilt as an ice-strengthened ultra long range global exploration boat that will take us and you to some of the most remote places on the planet.

We love amazing places shared with great people but tourist beaches with 15,000 people are not really our thing. We love crystal clear water, fish schools, whales, coral, crashing waves, albatross, cliff faces, icebergs, Fjords & snowstorms.

But more than this Brupeg is being designed to run projects and research around the world. Whether it's cleaning up an atoll in the Pacific, making documentaries on the Great Barrier Reef or pollution studies in Antartica, Brupeg was raised from the bottom of a riverbed with the intention of being used around the world! This is what does it for us and we hope it's your thing too?

We plan to go where most can't/won't/don't, and we want to take you with us. So please consider becoming part of our Brupeg crew and support the adventure and videos.

The Brupeg crew (and Mishka the ship's dog)
$562 of $1,000 per episode
This allows us to work on Brupeg full time and will mean longer exclusive content for patreons as we would be able to put ourselves completely into this project. Our goal is to have patreons onboard with us each leg of the journey and this makes it possible.
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