Bryce Anderson

is creating science fiction, fantasy, entropy. Sometimes omelettes.
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Dispatches from the front lines:  From time to time, you'll hear from me. Huge honor, I know. I hesitate to promise to write weekly, or even quarterly. Schedules and I don't get along. Okay, I'll promise to write at least quarterly, and more frequently if I have something to say.
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Electronic copies of everything I publish (sometimes in advance): I mostly self-publish. Thus far I've published infrequently: my first book came out in 2012, my second in 2016. That's an unacceptable level of performance, so I'm setting a new goal of a book a year, plus the occasional novella and short story. Now, this obviously won't be the cheapest way to access my writing. But given your generous support, it seems like the least I could do.

[Note: Suggestions for more ambitious goals would be appreciated.  What do people want?  A writing advice column?  One-on-one tutoring?  Editing or beta reading services?  Short stories?]




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About Bryce Anderson

What's in it for me:  
My goal is to "make it" as a writer, in the sense of being able to support myself by putting words in order then showing them to people.  Thank you for helping me do that.

What's in it for you:  I write science fiction and fantasy, and I think I do it pretty well.  If you like what I've written so far, and would like to see more of it, pledging will help bring about more words.  Not just because it's easier to do what you love when there's money coming in--though that's true.  But each pledge (however large or small) is a token of respect.  It's you telling me, "Hells yeah, I believe in you.  I love what you're doing and want you to do more."  And that, friends, is a powerful motivator.

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Just knowing that there's this much support for my writing career is a Really Big Deal (TM).  I will write like hell.  For you, the discerning lover of fiction.
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