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Anything I publish, you'll have first contact to it. 

This will be an official stamp to your loyalty to the DJ Sauce Brand I'm establishing going into 2020. 

This membership is only a test group. 

This campaign will end January 29th, 2020

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Only a limited few will have what you have.


Your T-Shirt will be delivered within the month of January to start the year off right.

Until then, I'll be campaigning and rounding up the team! 

I repeat: You will have FREE access to ANY event I organize.

Thank you so much for your support!

- BryceGTeee



About BryceGTeee

Worldwide Celebration Is The Mission!

I'm dedicated to providing a platform for multitudes to celebrate life art and unity! My service provides, music, content, & events on a GLOBAL scale so every dollar given will be a major contribution that will ripple throughout multiple communities. 
With your help, this mission will impact billions!
There are plenty of ways to support so get involved however you can.

Thank you for everything. 
- BryceGTeee
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All I need is solid foundation of supporters and the sky is the limit! Worldwide celebration is the mission, join the journey that has value worth more than gold.
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