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I'm new to this site and not really sure how it works yet, so my reward price may be set a little too high for now, I'm not sure. But if it is, I will change it later on, but as my first reward, each patron that pledges $10 per song, I will take a song of their choice and learn and record it for them, along with a personal message.




I am a singer, and I do live online gigs as well as recordings for YouTube.
I live on an extremely tight budget as I suffer from a few different disabilities meaning I am unable to work, and music is what I have always loved to do and is something I am still able to do even with my disabilities.
Pledges will help me very much in being able to keep my equipment up to date and in working order, which means I'll be able to continue to keep recording. Also, pledges will help me be able to afford to travel to and from auditions, in a hope to make something more of my music carrer, as I live on a very small island, cut off from the rest of the UK and travel is expensive.
I am also hoping I can make enough money in pledges to buy the rights to some original material from people (As I cannot write songs or music) and then be able to afford some studio time to be able to record them, so that I can start selling my music on iTunes and maybe start to make a living from my music, which is what I would love to do.
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I'm hoping to make enough to buy myself a new mixer as mine is on it's last legs and won't last much longer and without it I'll no longer be able to sing and record.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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