BubblrMedia is creating a New Media Network Channel on Facebook

The Tip Jar

$1 /mo
That is a minimum of $1 donation, there is no limit to your generosity. (Thanks Grandma!)  Any amount you can put in gets us one step closer to our dream! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Mini Bottle (AKA Flask)

$5 /mo
Support us at this level and get a splash of refreshment with a personalized video message from one of the BubblrMedia hosts delivered on the air during a live broadcast!

The Carafe

$10 /mo
When you support us at this level, you get  access to the "After Party" PRIVATE Facebook Group where everyone goes after the live broadcast is over and the real talk is just starting.
  • Pl...

The Canteen

$15 /mo
  • Behind the scenes access to our exclusive blooper and blunder reel. See a monthly compilation of what gets cut out of our live shows and doesn't make it to YouTube. 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Under the Bus

$20 /mo
We wanted to give all of our creators a way to come up with perks - off the cuff. You never know what you will get in this package. It could be dares that we have given to each other. Maybe ...

The Sports Bottle

$25 /mo
  • Are you into challenges? Love games? Get in on the action with Team Bubblr! Support us on this level and get early access, sneak peeks, and first chance at opportunities to be in the next c...

The Gulp

$30 /mo
Submit your episode ideas and/or future topics for your favorite talk show. Your name will appear in the credits and you will have a special part in BubblrMedia history!
  • Plus all previous rewards

The Jug

$35 /mo
Get a Personalized Song/Shout Out Video Message. Make a special request from the show host or the BubblrMedia Team will fulfill your wish!  Hubbz will sing "Happy Birthday" or Miz Meliz will draw a...

The Barrel

$40 /mo
  • Be Our Guest! Every month one or more of our show hosts will open up a seat for guest co-hosts. Supporters at this level will get early notification for this opportunity.
  • Plus all previous rewards

The Cistern

$50 /mo
  • Exclusive Tutorials from Bubblr Experts - our show hosts! You will get access to our webinars with new topics every month.
  • Plus all previous rewards