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About BudaCoca

This Patreon works as a tip jar and charges at the moment you pledge, my game it's available for free for everyone, including the last version.

The donations help me to continue doing this, pay for commissions(images, characters designs, scenes...) and for stuff I need to develop.

Currently, there are no "stable" or "test" versions, the new version it's released publicly and then it's updated with bugfixes(ex. 0.2.50 -> 0.2.53).

Este Patreon funciona como una jarra donativos y cobra en el momento que te apuntas, mi juego está disponible de forma gratuita para todos, incluyendo la ultima version.

Las donaciones me ayudan a continuar con el desarrollo del juego y pagar encargos para el juego, como dibujos de personajes y escenas, obtener el hardware y software necesario, etc

Actualmente no hay versiones "estables" o "test", cada nueva version se lanza publicamente y se actualiza después para solventar bugs(ej. 0.2.50 -> 0.2.53).
Credits / Créditos:
34San - Character/Scenes art & design, Cafeteria design
ChakaDM - Color for scenes(Reverend&Jessy kiss, Lisa in bed, Jessy under table)
BudaCoca - Game design, programming, writing, translation, 3D modeling, UI, Assist in art & design, 2D/3D Animations, etc.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que "Yellow Family" está en una fase muy temprana de desarrollo

Please, keep in mind "Yellow Family" it's in a very early stage of development

Next version / Proxima versión: 0.2.100 
Release date / Lanzamiento: 2019/10

Last version/Última versión: 0.2.92 [2019/02/28]

Windows 7+ 32/64Bits & Linux 64Bits: MEGA(.rar)

Know issue: The game might crash when it's closed(solved in next version)

Release Notes v.0.2.92:
-Quick bugfix, Menu UI not showing properly on talking with Morris & skip intro during the intro

Release Notes v.0.2.91:
-Fix the PC interaction after placing the hidden camera
-Added the Reverend kiss photo on the camera software(shows up when you complete the related event)
-Fixed some warnings/removed unused internal references
-Minor fixes & changes

Release Notes v.0.2.90:
-Built-in a new character portrait system that uses modular images for the characters in conversations(saves storage), also allows the images of the characters to be animated. All the character images have currently a simple animation of breathing and blink :)
-Added the bathroom of the parents' room.
-Added clinic and images for the tiny new event(Breast expansion).
-Reworked some conversations to fit the new event
-Temporary removed of the tomato conversation, this will be a separate event
-The first contact with Reverend's daughter enables the Restaurant(before was the second one)
-(Provisional)Stats/Emotions system for character relationships, currently noticeable just in the sister(she can get angry)
-Added color images for Reverend and his daughter in Church, Reverend's daughter in Restaurant & Scientific Woman.
-Several tweaks and optimizations in code, 3D models and Scenario
-Know bugs solved, revised some animations
-Simple FPS Counter(can be activated in Settings)

Changelog: Full changelog Yellow Family
Community, Bug report & Discussion: TFGamesSiteF95zone
$16 of $500 per month
Covering monthly basic costs

Art commissions, the co-working space rent, software, hardware...
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