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About BudaCoca

This Patreon works as a tip jar and charges at the moment you pledge, my game it's available for free for everyone, including the last version.

The donations help me to continue doing this, pay for commissions(images, characters designs, scenes...) and for stuff I need to develop.

Currently, there are no "stable" or "test" versions, the new version it's released publicly and then it's updated with bugfixes(ex. 0.2.50 -> 0.2.53).

Este Patreon funciona como una jarra donativos y cobra en el momento que te apuntas, mi juego está disponible de forma gratuita para todos, incluyendo la ultima version.

Las donaciones me ayudan a continuar con el desarrollo del juego y pagar encargos para el juego, como dibujos de personajes y escenas, obtener el hardware y software necesario, etc

Actualmente no hay versiones "estables" o "test", cada nueva version se lanza publicamente y se actualiza después para solventar bugs(ej. 0.2.50 -> 0.2.53).
Credits / Créditos:
34San - Character/Scenes art & design, Cafeteria design
ChakaDM - Color for scenes(Reverend&Jessy kiss, Lisa in bed, Jessy under table)
BudaCoca - Game design, programming, writing, translation, 3D modeling, UI, Assist in art & design, 2D/3D Animations, etc.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que "Yellow Family" está en una fase muy temprana de desarrollo

Please, keep in mind "Yellow Family" it's in a very early stage of development

Next version / Proxima versión: 0.3 
Release date / Lanzamiento: ???

Last version/Última versión: 0.2.101 [2019/11/17]

For/Para Windows, Linux, Android, Mac & iOS(unsigned .ipa, CydiaImpactor required)

BudaCoca.comMEGA Folder

Changelog YF 0.2.101:
-Solved some graphic issues on Android version
-Removed(deprecated) start window on Windows/Mac/Linux, resolution forced in this version to 1280x720
-Minor fixes, small addition(corridor light switch)

Changelog YF v.0.2.100(2019/10/30):
-Current platform support increased, now it's available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS(as unsigned .ipa, you can sign it using CydiaImpactor)
-Temporarily removed the intro comic, will be added back when there's content that continues that story branch
-Added SaveGame feature, save anytime your game, Android/iOS versions auto-save more often, like when you visit a link to prevent data loss. All versions auto-save when the bed is used
-Main house structure rebuilt, new objects added, POV changed on several rooms
-Added realtime lights and shadows for each room
-Added a tiny provisional event of the parents at their room
-Reworked start UI and adult warning at the start, added a list of all patrons
-Added Unity Analytics to get some data(like player count), if there's no internet the game works anyways
-Several texts changed/revised, bugs solved, internal fixes, events revised...
-Added outline on some objects that require to interact with to make some progress
Community, Bug report & Discussion: TFGamesSiteF95zone

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