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About Buddha Weekly

Buddha Weekly publishes on various platforms: Dharma videos and documentaries, online Dharma magazine, weekly e-zine, podcasts, and planned books —  working to the mission of "spread the Dharma."  Buddha Weekly started as an online magazine in 2007, covering most important areas of Buddhist living and practice, with a special focus on Teachers, Meditation Practices, Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha — now with millions of words of archived and extensive practice-oriented features.
Today, with a new book imprint, a new Podcast — aptly named "Spread the Dharma" with editor Lee Kane — and an ongoing series of teaching videos, Buddha Weekly remains open to all, and free to all.
Buddha Weekly Books
Buddha Weekly's new imprint Buddha Weekly Books will carry the same mission as the other publishing platforms, in book-length, both print and ebook. The first collection teachings will be available in 2022.
Buddha Weekly YouTube
Found at https://youtube.com/buddhaweekly our growing YouTube channel covers Dharma in many ways, with playlists for:
  • Buddhist "living" topics from teachers, such as: Dealing with Anger, Healing and Health, meditation topics, motivation, memory loss
  • Buddhist "turning point" videos, including: loss of loved ones, loss of pets, overcoming obstacles, and many others.
  • Buddhist teachings
  • Teachings from lineage teachers
  • Mantra chanting videos
  • 21 Taras series — many mantra videos, teaching videos, guided visualizations, and teachings.
  • Jataka Tales stories, narrated and animated for all ages.
  • Sutra series, covering major sutras.
Buddha Weekly Podcast "Spread the Dharma"
Featuring editor Lee Kane and other contributors — new for 2021 — our podcast "Spread the Dharma" covers major Buddhist topics, interviews with teachers, and more. The Podcast URL is SpreadTheDharma.com or look it up on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or your favorite podcast directory. (First podcast scheduled for early November 2021.)
Buddha Weekly Online
Buddha Weekly Magazine is a free online publication drawing over 2 million readers per year. We often cover specific Buddhist practices, teachers and Gurus, and insights into practice. Buddha Weekly remains very practice-oriented. Buddha Weekly was founded by dedicated Buddhists who donate their time on content, working on the mission of preserving and spreading Dharma teachings in all the key paths:
  • Theravada
  • Mahayana, including Zen and Chan
  • Vajrayana.
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