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     You will have access to the monthly video on this site.  These short videos are usually a beginner's lesson in Iaido or Kenjutsu. These videos are NOT on our public YouTube channel and are sent to you and only you via this website.

     If you wish you will receive a club patch for your martial arts uniform and official status as an associate member of our club.

You will receive beginner video links to get you started!

     To learn more about our dojo in Massachusetts to learn about us and out teachers please visit


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Official Club Member.  

     This membership is for the serious Budo practitioner/enthusiast that is unable to visit a dojo on a regular basis. It has limited space because of the necessary time for proper communication between student and the teacher.  
     You will receive the same monthly video as our associate level in addition to these four additional benefits:

 - More advanced Japanese sword lessons! Sometimes up to three to four videos per month.

- Sensei Critique:
If you wish to receive feedback from us once a month, send us a video of you performing your Sword arts. We will then give you feedback with a video of us back to you or with a message, email, or phone call if you wish. If this is done consistently each month you may be eligible for rank within the organization.

-Video Library:
   With this membership you will have unlimited access to our password protected Japanese sword arts video library, with detailed instruction videos in Iaido, Iai Kumitachi, Kenjutsu and Kumiuchi Ken den (Samurai grappling and disarms). Videos get added each month and you can access them anytime through our "regular" dojo website. This is the same library that our local students use for reference in their training.

- With this membership you will receive any discounts that our club members may receive for seminars hosted through out the organization that you may want to attend as well as our eternal appreciation for your dedication to the arts and YOUR academy!

   This monthly fee of 25.00 is the same as our mat fee for dojo monthly visitors ,so in essence you will be getting the same information as a regular club session once a month. You will receive beginner video links to get you started! Obviously you would need a partner for some of the Kenjutsu components.
     If you wish to be on our email list for seminar info throughout the US and Europe please let us know, 
    Thanks so much for your interest!!



About The Budo Academy

We thank you so much for interest and your support!! 
     We are an authentic Traditional Martial arts club located in the Rhode Island Southeast Massachusetts area that teaches and trains in Japanese sword and Kempo arts. Our Style is Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido and Kenjustu. We seek support simply for equipment and resources to create video blogs for education in traditional Japanese Budo arts to those that do not have access to a proper dojo and desire training.
     We offer two levels of membership in this distance program.
      More information about our club and out teachers Bios can be found at our website at
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts

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