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Hi!  I'm Steven "Bull" Ratkovich!  I'm a long, long time gamer, writer, game designer, and self-proclaimed Alpha Geek who is into almost anything and everything geeky, and I'm hoping to expand my horizons and have the freedom to just create things.  

What things, you may ask?

Yes.  That.  That.  That too.  Maybe a little of that.  No, definitely not that though, sorry.  Yes.  yes that as well.  That too, if I find the time.  Not sure that one's legal in most states.  No one wants that one, trust me.  And yes, most definitely that.

My big project currently is a series of novels called "Apoch's Twilight", a novel about a man named Bull who is run over by a truck and wakes up inside an MMO... An MMO based on a tabletop game that he created!

It's some pretty basic ISekai/RPGLit fiction, but I'm having a good time writing it. Right now I'm publishing the chapters to Patreon in sections, trying to write at least 5,000 words a week. I'm also publishing this publicly on The Royal Road web fiction site, posting one chapter per week (also around 5,000 words). Patrons are at least three chapters ahead of the story, and you will have the opportunity to influence the story or name NPCs and the like as we progress.

My second big ongoing project starting in the beginning of 2019 will be "Shadowrun Missions: The Fanfiction". It will be an ongoing, serialized story about a team of shadowrunners, using the backdrop of Shadowrun Missions Season 4. I'm planning to post one chapter of that per week, minimum of 2000 words.

I also do other stuff, though right now only occasionally. I do YouTube videos sometimes, other fiction, and most especially I do Shadowrun stuff, fiction, rules, and gear.

So thank you for taking the time to check this out, and if you are interested in supporting me I will be forever grateful.  Thanks!

-- Bull :]

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