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Every Month You Support us with this Reward Tier You will be entered into a raffle to win exclusive BulletBill Merchandise. Each month we will be offering different rewards to different people and the more people supporting us the more prizes we will release. These Prizes are as follows: 
  • Mugs
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
If you become a winner for this then you will get to decide what merchandise you can win. At the moment we are limiting prizes to one per winner every month the raffle is drawn.
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Exclusive Access to Insider Information
This reward tier allows you to get exclusive access to our BulletBill private twitter page where we will be releasing insider information on Bulletbill's maps, mods and videos. This will mean you will get information from Bulletbill himself on his content that will not be public knowledge for a long time. (Raffle Reward Tier Included)

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Name In The Credits
This reward Tier allows you to get your own names put into the written credits at the end of each episode and in the written description on each episodes.

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Who Are We?
BulletBill83 is a Farming Simulator modder who created the Coldborough Park Farm Map. He is now show casing his work and showing how he creates these maps on his YouTube Channel. With the Help of his Editor Thomas Harkins BulletBill hopes to create many more videos.

What Videos Are We Making?
We have many plans for new and exciting videos for you viewer.These videos will include, walk throughs on maps and mods, gameplay videos, mod and map update and multiplayer videos. we are also working on a walk through of the real coldbourgh park farm and in the future we hope to do mod and maps creation tutorial videos.

Whats In It For You?
As a Patreon we want to give you exclusive rewards each month for your support. These rewards include:
  • Raffle's for exlusive merchandise
  • Text Thank you's on each episode
  • Exclusive access to new information
  • Your name in the credits
  • A Personal Shout-out from BulletBill83
  • Project Files, Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects

Why Do We Need Your Help?

Making these maps and Videos takes a lot of time for the Team,  Our operation is very small at the moment, with your help we can devote more time to making better and more content for you. with this help You will not only help us create more YouTube Videos for you but also to create new maps and mods.

Future Plans?
As we grow we hope to offer more and exciting rewards for you patreons and we will be creating more video and uploading more frequently.
$0 of $1,500 per month
At the moment we are working as a small team of two working on getting videos recorded and edited every so often and launched, with this support we can devote more time to creating videos launching on a weekly basis. This will also mean Bulletbill will have more time to showcase more mods and maps that Bulletbill creates so you can get more of an in-depth look at his work and get the chance to have your questions answered on some episodes. Thank You for Supporting us and we hope you enjoy this new content
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