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About Buried Broadway

Buried Broadway is a podcast where we discover, dissect, and demystify forgotten Broadway musicals that we most likely found on vinyl for a dollar!

Jen and Mikey Bevarelli are a married couple of actors who are the two-person team behind Buried Broadway the Podcast. Jen is an avid admirer and collector of various vintage items, so they bought and restored a 1965 Magnavox console, and started frequenting record shops. Naturally, they gravitated towards musicals, and more often than not, they stumbled upon original cast albums of shows they had never heard of. They would bring their gems home and Mikey, who loves to research, would fall down the rabbit hole of each show. Friends would come sift through the collection and would be amazed at the array of unknown titles. Many nights were, and are, spent popping on a record and discussing the trivia Mikey, and in turn, Jen, learned about the buried treasure.

And that is how Buried Broadway was born! We wanted to bring these musicals and discussions out of just our living room and share them with YOU!


We spent years brainstorming the format of our podcast, different segments within it, researching different editing software and podcast platforms, and saving for a new computer and speakers. After finally purchasing that new computer in Jan 2020 we got started and the podcast happened to start when the pandemic hit. We released our first episode April 15th 2020.

Each episode focuses on one cast recording. We spend about 12 – 20 hours before recording researching, falling down the rabbit hole as we say. We research the writers, the stars, the shows production history and path to Broadway (or the West End), reviews from the original production, and where to acquire the rights.

We then spend between 1 to 4 hours recording one episode where we impart the “best of” bits from the research we did as well as go through the plot of the show chronologically with music dissecting and critiquing it along the way.

Because we are an in house only operation, Jen then edits the episode down to between 45 and 90 minutes complete with jingles also written by us! This usually takes between 8 and 14 hours. (But Jen is getting quicker every time!)

We are still growing and have received great reviews thus far! We have even been contacted by members of the Broadway community, thanking us for bringing light to a forgotten piece and encouraging us to continue our work!

Having supporters via Patreon will allow us to continue our work by enabling us to purchase an app to schedule regular social media posts to make them more regular, get us subscriptions to various newspapers so we can access their archives, help us pay for our podcast hosting, and most importantly help us purchase these rare albums that sometimes can’t be found for only a dollar.

Thank you so so much for visiting our Patreon and for your consideration! What will we dig up next?! (with your help!)

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