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Gumball for the actors

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All supporters get access to our Patreon feed / production blog with behind the scenes photos, cast interviews, stories, gag reels, and other bonus material. We'll also follow you on Twitter for th...

Coffee for the actors

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Everything above, plus you'll also get:
  • digital goodies like social media skins, desktop wallpapers, and PDF scripts from our projects currently in production
  • First Look / Fi...

Trail mix for the actors

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Everything above, plus you'll get a thank you shout-out in an episode of our audio drama podcast, Synesthesia Theatre.

Act now and you'll also get access to exclusive Google hangouts with ...

Lunch for the actors

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Everything above, plus you receive digital downloads of Burning Brigid Media releases. Bundled collections of podcast episodes, bundled seasons of our web series, short film downloads -- whatever w...

Bottle of wine for the actors

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Everything above, plus get your name listed as a sponsor on our website. Optional link to your website, business, or portfolio included; we reserve the right to reject links we deem inappropriate.

Wrap party for the actors!

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Everything above, plus for $50 per month we provide voice-over for your project, business, or fundraising video. You may claim this reward immediately after your first month's pledge has processed,...