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About BurningSun

Hi all,

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I'm working on a game called 'Life Choices'. It is about a young girl that needs your guidance. It is your job to help her make the 'right' decisions whilst she is trying to build up her new life.

I started making the game simply because I enjoy doing some simple coding etc. As you may have noticed, the game is free to play and it will remain free to play, but after receiving many requests for a page, I created said page and here we are. Future cities might be gated, but eventually will also remain free to play.

If you'd like to tip me for my 'work' please go ahead. It is sincerely appreciated!

I've created a few tiers to allow anyone who wishes to support me to choose his/her best option. Some tiers do provide some privileges. More on that in separate posts on this site at a later stage (if these tiers ever get chosen haha) 
Please note the following regarding the last two tiers and their possibilities to add content/ideas;
1) Ideas/suggestions for events need to be small-ish; so, no ideas like please add this job, or this holiday option to Dubai or anything like that. Small-ish events like the random events that happen on the beach or in the park or city or pool, etc.
2) No magical events. Nuff said.
3) Any content you'd like to add needs to be of decent quality & size (mainly applies to vids) and will have to be fitting to the game and will need to match Lizzy's setting/character as well.
4) Needs to fit the current setting - yes, this one is a little undefined, but if you've played the game I'm sure you'll know what this means. Discussion is always possible and if you're unhappy with my decision, money back guaranteed.

Right, that is about all there is to say at the moment.

Thanks again for visiting my page.

Life Choices V0.8.7.2 In Da Club
The new game version is available here Jump to post.
The latest HTML file is available here Jump to post.
You will need to download the Game version (it has all the data, videos and images) first. Then download the new HTML file V0.8.7.1 and overwrite the HTML file in the first download.

$941 of $2,000 per month
I've added an additional goal as the original one is getting close to be completed/reached! (Crazy right!?)
When this goal is reached I will start to invest in people helping me with a few things: Translation into different language(s), making it Android compatible, a walkthrough, possibly write up some events and similar stuff.
So more people could play the game and with additional writers events/stories should be implemented quicker.
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