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Dr. Brian Burton

eTextbooks and virtual worlds

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    Request a tutorial on a topic.  
    You get to request a tutorial to be made by Dr. Burton (limit of 1 per month). Tutorials will be added to Dr. Burton's YouTube channel and you will get your own copy of the finished tutorial.
    Person requesting the tutorial will get a special acknowledgement during the tutorial.

      A little help for my friends

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      I'll answer your questions about Corona  or Babylon.JS app development and help with a limited amount of trouble shooting (1 hour maximum per month).

        About Dr. Brian Burton

        Burtons Media Group has been publishing eTextbook on mobile application and game development since 2011.  We have continued to update these textbooks for no additional charge.  
        Many who have purchased these textbooks have asked for a way to say thank you and support the continued updates.  Here is your chance!

        Additionally, we are actively working on developing a virtual world for education.  This virtual world is based upon the latest research in online learning and interaction within virtual environments.  As planned now, the world will allow the use of VR devices such as the Oculus Rift or interaction within tablets, laptops, or traditional desktops.  Support will enable us to spend more time on creation of the next generation of virtual education.
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        Dr. Burton will create new tutorials on more advanced topics like IAP, databases, client/server game development, push notifications, and multi-player interaction.
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