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For supporting us at this level you will receive a Dropbox link (and an RSS feed) that will feature all sorts of goodies!
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We think this is a GREAT value, and we hope that you will consider helping us spread the word.

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When possible, Donald will be naming nearly all of his NPC characters after patrons who back at this level. That means a character with your name MAY appear in the show itself!

You'll also gain access to our Discord channel so you can chat about the show and tell us how great we are whenever you want. Not sure why you would want to do that but hey, it's a feature!

Not only that but you still get access to the Treasure Chest!

There is no guarantee that you will like the character or their fate and Donald reserves the right to butcher the pronunciation. Names will be chosen randomly, so THERE IS NO GUARANTEE YOUR NAME WILL EVER BE RANDOMLY SELECTED. However, we CAN guarantee that your support will be greatly appreciated !

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At the end of every episode we'll thank backers at this level by name. It's a small thing, but it means a lot to us. Backers at this level will slowly drive their names into our heads over time. If you choose to use this to promote a show or product, make sure it's not something we don't condone. It doesn't have to be family friendly, but it does have to be positive or we'll take your money and ignore you.

NOTE: In order to keep the list of names at the end of each episode special and meaningful, this tier is limited at this price for the 1st 25 patrons.




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About Board with Life Adventures

Board with Life Adventures (formerly Board with Life Radio) is a podcast where the cast and crew of the comedy web series Board with Life play Dungeons & Dragons. Our campaigns are comedic exercises in improv that are heavily edited to keep the pacing brisk, but loose enough to feel like you are really sitting at the table playing a game with old friends.

However, our show isn't just people being goofy, it's a real game of D&D. The tone just happens to be light and fun. We take pride in the balance that we strike along with the fact that we've won both a Golden Geek Award and have been favorably compared to The Adventure Zone.

Love the show? We need your help! We want to keep the podcast going on a regular schedule. People's lives have become busier: We've bought houses, had babies and moved further apart. Still, we want to continue to improve audio quality along with increasing our reach with contests, attending cons and marketing. With your help we can make the show come out more consistently and have better content.

Every Penny Helps, and we'll do our best to make sure you feel appreciated as a Patreon backer of the show. Not only that, but your support will ensure that the show you already love will come out more consistently and be more awesome!

Four Per Month? Patreon recommends that creators with weekly content accept donations on a monthly basis, but honestly we want to use this as a tool to hold ourselves more accountable. What this means is that when you choose to be our Patron you are only donating to our show when we release a new episode of D&D gameplay.

If we do bonus content such as D&D&Q&A or Mailbag episodes for example you will not be charged. What if there are 5 episodes in one month? Again, a bonus. No charge.

Just remember that Patreon allows you to set a monthly limit to how much you can contribute, and that will not affect your access to rewards.

We hope this system keeps us consistent and also helps you feeling like your money was well spent. Not to be too cliche, but $4 is less than a fast food meal - and we think we are providing something of value for that.

Thank you for your support!
$298.12 of $300 per episode
Donald Can Yell At Kellen

Our producer Kellen is a professional freelance audio editor. His time is valuable and it turns out editing a 5 hour D&D session takes longer than 5 hours! Who would have guessed?

Upon reaching this goal, we can throw Kellen a very small amount of money for his time, but that money would importantly will be enough that Donald can yell at Kellen when he whines that he "doesn't have time" to edit this week's episode. What does that mean for you? More consistent releases with better editing, mixing and sound design.
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