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Hi, my name is Elly and I am the creativity behind By Elly Jane. I have always said, this site would be nothing without your loyalty and support. I set out in 2016 to create a space where I could express my feelings, share my adventures and seek out like-minded people, businesses, spaces and get inspired/share that inspiration with you! An east coast based (for the time being) one woman ensemble, blogger, adventurist extraordinaire, I am constantly inspired by a deep rooted love for travel, passion for simple boho beauty and a desire for creativity. My eternal love affair with writing began at an early age and hasn't stopped since.
My goal is to connect and inspire.
I hope that within these pages you find something that does just that, whether it be in your professional, personal or creative life.
So follow along with me on my next great adventure, let's get lost together :)
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