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It has been a long journey, a journey that has been my most enjoyable yet.
For the past 6 (moving on 7) years, I have been a gamer dedicated to sharing my thoughts and passion of video games through videos on YouTube and on Twitch. Over the years, I have taken so much joy in exploring video games such as Battlefield, Minecraft, Apex Legends, and most notably, Planetside 2, with you guys as a community. Through your feedback, I have , and this has without a doubt sparked my most enjoyable pursuit to date.

As enjoyable as it may be, it is a major time sink.
This hobby certainly is not a quick and easy process, as it requires time to record footage of the topic of discussion for a video, time to script write, to record the commentary, edit, render and upload with the addition of creating the video thumbnail. All in all, resulting in excess of 8 hours to complete a fully functioning and polished video and that time is not including the testing and recording process of content creating. On top of that, the Twitch channel needs a consistent maintenance with an aim to improving the stream quality. All of this, while trying to navigate the added challenges of university, work and a social life, makes this an enjoyable yet challenging endeavor.

So, why Patreon? 
That is a question that I have been asking myself for a long time. Why make a patreon account? What is the need for it? And quite simply, there isn't one. I could get by just fine without it. But much like how some people opt to support me on Twitch via monthly subscriptions, some may wish to do the same in some form for my YouTube content. This is here so that if you do, for whatever reason, feel inclined to support me, then you can. But know that it is in no way shape or form, expected or required at all!

Where will your generous donations go?
The money raised from this page will go primarily to improving my content quality, whether it be better hardware, software or other miscellaneous things including background music licensing. And whilst the channel can always be improved upon, if the channel is not in need of an upgrade requiring money then it will go to my real life financial investments.

No matter your action from here I thank you!
As a final point, I would just like to say thank you. Whether you have been a follower/subscriber from day one, someone whom has only found my content today, or someone whom has happened to leave a comment every once and a while, it all helps! Your contributions have allowed for me to really learn a lot from this experience, and find a new passion. For that, I honestly can't thank you all enough.

Thanks a bunch guys
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I will be able to start running some monthly Steam Gift Card giveaways for you all to get involved with!
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