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As a level 1 "Roy" you will be supporting the channel. Which is pretty balls deep! As a reward you will get a shout out at the end of the podcasts and the occasional sneaky preview of new videos and ideas!

Review Crew

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As a member of the review crew your pledge will be used to pick up new items for review on the MLGAirsoft YouTube channel. Each month the review crew will be given an option on what that item is, and then entered into a monthly raffle to actually win the item once it has been reviewed. 

It is limited to 20 patrons. 

All of the members who helped fund a review will also be credited at the end of the review video and in text on any written reviews. 

Possible additional benefit: If you are local, or part of the review crew and are attending a game where I am recording gameplay footage for a review. Review Crew members can use the item in game and be in the video as well!




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"Who are you guys?"

CBMPC! is an airsoft team from the North West, UK. We have been active in one form or another since 2000. The core members of the team are close friends and have been for all the years. (ALL THE YEARS!) We are tight knit and love and hate eachother like brothers. 

CBMPC:TV! is the creative output of the CBMPC! airsoft team. The channel, run primarily by UK ICS Captain Magaz, features airsoft action and gameplay videos from the perspectives of several of our team members, vlogs, reviews, a podcast and footage from the archives.

We are a very active team who love the game and want to share our experiences on and off the field with you guys! We have been recording video content since 2006, but only started taking the Youtube game seriously in 2015. The past two years has seen the team more active than we have been throughout our entire life span. As a result our community has grown incredibly and we hope to continue to grow in numbers over the next 12 months and eventually take over the internets!

"What do you do with all the monies??"
By pledging to CBMPC:TV! you will help us do that. We would love to create higher quality content and shoot more regularly. Your pledges will help us with this. Everything you guys pledge from one wingwang all the way up to a million wingwangs (the currency of the future!) will go towards better camera gear, equipment and keeping us up to our nuts in airsoft guts...

The last twelve months has seen us slowly replacing our older gear with better quality POV and weapon mounted cameras to improve the quality of the content we produce, so you guys can see what we saw in the moment as clearly (in some cases far more clearly!) than we did. 

We will be continuing with season 2 of the "Balls Deep!" podcast soon, now with a new and improved set! We are planning on creating a whole new lighting setup and buying dedicated cameras for the show so every episode looks consistent and of the highest quality. We've also got internets at the studio now so live streams will be more frequent! Of course, we will be putting together patreon supporter only streams to thank you guys!

"Why should we support you??"

If you enjoy our content (and I'm guessing, as you are here reading this... You probably do...) and you want to see the channel grow and help us put out more content, more frequently and in better quality, supporting us will help that happen! 

We'll also be putting together Patreon supporter only swag... You know you want to get your hands on that right ;) 

Of course, don't feel you have to pledge to us. Regardless of how Patreon works out we will continue to expand CBMPC:TV! and create awesome content!

- Magaz

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