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“Thank you. Your efforts to eradicate invasive English Ivy are commendable and I appreciate your willingness to engage in sustainability issues both as an entrepreneur and advocate. The spirit of your work reflects the innovative solutions we need to take under consideration when addressing our environmental legacy.” -Jennifer Williamson, OR Rep. 36th District (Feb. '14)

Hi, welcome! Before you presence me, please presence yourself. Deeply inhale. Hold. Deeply exhale. Hold. Deeply inhale. Hold. Deeply exhale. Hold. Deeply inhale. Hold. Deeply exhale.

What kind of creator am I? I’m a community focused facilitator, habitat steward, artist, and much more! intentionally involved in shifting societal consciousness, for around a decade so far. Causes seemed simpler when I was younger, before I grasped of the vastness that is intersectionality. I migrate my focus by what it seems the Earth-Mother’s calling for as time and rhyme flow through me.

About me: I really like healing (and being healed by) soil, directly, through removing invasive plants / stewarding habitats.

I took a permaculture design course in 2014; it was amazing!

I like having a happy body, so I practice eating well.

I like participating in peaceful and inclusive communities.

I dance.

I practice consent culture with people, and gift economy as much as possible.

I enjoy music, massage, meditation, clean air and water, and when people are willing to learn + teach!

I really love my 2 mewzes!! They’re my family <3.

So, maybe you’re here from finding me online, awesome! Alternatively, we may have chatted some in person, and you decided to follow-up, thanks!

In person, I take a lot of invasive ivy off native trees and out of the ground for people / the land. I’m a partner (affiliate) with Purium Health :D, through RAV Tongue Drums, and since 2010 with a cutlery company based in Olean (NY). After a year or two, I found that while many people want to buy stuff because the products are amazing, some want to buy because they just want to support me. That was a large reason in why I made this Patreon page; if you want to support me without buying any of the super-foods, instruments, etc. that I share, please give here.

Patreon shares 90% of the gift amount to the creators; about 5% goes to the website’s maintenance, and 5% as payment fees from other companies. If you want to give a single large sum directly to me rather than monthly with Patreon, or if you’re interested in any product(s), please email me.

Purium creates super-foods for a variety of wellness goals. I’ve been really enjoying becoming these products embodied and working with the team that’s present in our business structure! The model is more about sharing than selling; you get $50 off your first purchase, and order yourself online. My gift card (code) for you is: C.Birdz

RAV drums are similar to hand drums like the Handpan, except tongue drums have slits instead of just raised and indented surfaces. Explore the site at: When you're ready to check out please remember to use my link, thank you:

And if you don’t want to buy anything, and aren’t curious or interested in giving, that’s okay. Please enjoy your day!

Trees I’ve Helped from Invasive Ivy

June ‘13 through Dec. ‘17: 1,537
Jan. ‘18: 34, + 1,537 = 1,571
Feb. ‘18: 29, + 1,571 = 1,600
Mar. ‘18: 32, + 1,600 = 1,632
Apr. ‘18: 17, + 1,632 = 1,649
May ‘18: 32, + 1,649 = 1,681
June ‘18: 8, + 1,681 = 1,689
This was fun! Please see my new website:

Thanks for learning about me! I hold immense gratitude for you and would enjoy connecting :)

No albums out yet, but here are a few songs I made while in college (I was a math major):

“It is very important to have people such as yourself make an honest integral change for the environment; we need more people like you to help nature maintain itself. Like an immune system, it can only be brought up and built up, by feeding it the right things.” -Eric P. (Dec. ‘17)

“My buddy Christopher is a successful entrepreneur. He prefers to live without many of the things the rest of us require. After staying in the woods for a while, his eyes are wild with the intensity of someone living their principled passions at the cost of much discomfort, and that discomfort is experienced to him as joy. He is fricking nuts and he is the kind of crazy that is much needed in our safe and comfortable lives. Conversations with Christopher are intense and sound like chapters of Walden. He has the calm of [a] person who has been spending so many hours alone in a tent considering what it means to be alive and human.” -S.L. (Vashon WA, ‘14)

“The future of our planet is dependent on people like you doing the research on what we should be eating and how we should be planting and taking care of the resources we have. Thank you for doing that and following through.” -Pauline M. (Aug. ‘18)

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