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Welcome to Commander Cookout Podcast, or CCOPodcast as we like to call it!

Here you'll find an all-Canadian Magic: the Gathering podcast. We're based on unique, spicy and funny Commander deck building. Come join #CCONation! We do all kinds interesting/unique takes on decks and have many ways to be fun and entertaining. In CCONation, all are welcome.

On CCOPodcast, you'll hear us talk about building spicy Commander brews, how to spice up boring lists and drinking beer. If that's the kind of Magic the Gathering podcast that sounds appealing to you, look no further that Commander Cookout Podcast!

A little about us and the cast

We are Ryan and Brando from the beautiful city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We know, it's a mouthful. You don't actually have to remember that part. Or be able to pronounce it! Collectively, we have somewhere around 44 years of Magic the Gathering playing experience! Now, we play commander exclusively. That is, if you don't count the MtG drinking games we make up along the way.

We started CCOPodcast for a few reasons. First and foremost, because we both love Magic the Gathering. It's become part of who we are and created some of the strongest bonds that people can have in their lives. Second, Brando works in radio and while he isn't currently a radio personality, that's one of his career goals. The podcast acts as an avenue towards that goal. It certainly didn't hurt to have a radio station's recording equipment at our disposal!

Our Community

Astoundingly to us, we now have, what we call, a world wide Audience! As mentioned before, that audience has come to be known and #CCONation. The majority of our listenership resides in the USA and Canada but  the top 10 countries in #CCONation after that are Brazil, The United Kingdon, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Mexico and France! Holy crap, that's awesome! Shout out to all you guys and every other nation that tunes in every week!

What makes CCOPodcast Unique?

A couple things actually. For one, we're normal dudes. Dudes that you might want to actually hang out with.

We do Arcs of episodes. Like mini-seasons. A few episodes in a row on a common topic to get as much coverage as we can. Along with each new Arc comes a giveaway! You can enter for free too! Tune in to find out how.

Also, with the help of, we've come up with both the Milk List and the Spice Calculator. The former is a list of every color combination in Magic. For each combination, we look at the most popular cards at each mana cost as per EDHREC. The less cards we play on the list, the more unique the deck. It's good simple fun.

The Spice Calculator is as follows:

That's how we use science to figure out JUST how spicy our lists are.

Thanks for checking us out!
160 - reached! patrons
New Merch!

We are currently working on a few things. Of course, Patreon supporters get swag first. When we have some more details, we'll let you all know!
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