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WHOA! You really wanna help out, huh!? Well, this is the tier for you. Not only does this get you all other benefits (such as Discord links, early build access and a copy of the game) but you can work with us to put a character of your own design to pop up in the game as a customer! This will be a Front facing sprite with a few little lines of idle dialogue! Thank you SO MUCH!
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About Robot Senpai

We're Robot Senpai Studios, and we're making video games! This platform will be our main base for updates and news for our supporters on our first project, Cinnamon's Cooking Quest!

Cinnamon's a bunny on a quest... to cook! Meat, veggies - even bugs, use her skills, tools, and her enormous food truck to transport delicious meals throughout the world (or at least the local business park) on her road to joining the coveted ranks of S-Class Chefs!

Cook, cut, chop, fry, bake, roll in breadcrumbs - sandwiches, nachos, rice-bowls, pies, sushi! The best can do it all, and on command!

Everyone gets a little distracted every now and then, but if ya leave that oven unattended...

There's so much more to come, too! Here's a bulleted list of things to come!--

  • Food, food, and more food! Fruits, vegetables, meat, mushrooms, and even insects - and those are just the basics! Use a huge variety of items to combine them into all kinds of delicious meals - sandwiches, pies, nachos, sushi, pastas, the list will go on and on as we continue!
  • Cute characters in an anthropomorphic world - bunnies are just the beginning! PLS FEED THE BORBS
  • Serve straight out of your food truck, or cater events in parks or offices - future locales to be whimisical and RAD, like in the treetops, on sandy beaches, or even under water!
  • There's no place like home - and when Cinnamon's not on a service trip, she's managing her restaurant, Cici's! Chat with regulars, practice your cookin' skills, or reminisce about your past achievements with photo albums and unlockable galleries!
  • YOU! That's right - You! Support at the appropriate tiers to help create a character of your own to queue up in line for one of Cinnamon's delicious meals, or even be a regular at her restaurant!
  • What's a game without a story!? Cinnamon's ever-present rival Cardamom will be there to harass her, tease her for wearing an apron, and accusing her of crimes-against-cuteness! Learn about her, the path to becoming an S-Rank Chef, Cinnamon's history, and maybe - just maybe - something about yourself along the way. c:

Right now, the most important thing to note is that any and all support, whether through generous donations or simply taking a look, is immensely appreciated!

With your support, we can spend more time doing what we love - making games - and a little less time trying to pay bills and stuff like that. As we get more, we'll be offering cool rewards, such as characters in-game, exclusive builds and even physical rewards such as art books, custom flash drives and maybe even plushies! There's a lot on the horizon, and this is only the first step!

You can take a look at our homepage for more, and as always, thanks so much for your interest!
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Support starving artists, developers, and musicians! With this amount, we can spend a lot more time thinking about games and a lot less time thinking about where our next meal is comin' from! ;W;
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