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thanks for your contribution! you'll be included in the special thanks credits for my work. i'll make this more ambitious if it starts to catch on.




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About n. lyn-marie charlene excelsia

❤︎ hello.

my name is natasha lyn-marie charlene excelsia.

you may potentially know me on twitter as @CHARLENEMAXIMUM, or as the creator of The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight and Bullet Sorceress, as well as the artist working on the visuals for Mechanical Star Astra. among other projects... (i kinda like making games a lot)

my primary occupation is making video games with my roommate for our collaborative studio, DANGER HEART ENTERTAINMENT.

when i'm not working on games, i do a lot of other stuff;
  • i make music under several different projects, ranging from solo to collaborative work
  • i run shmups.wiki, an archive of information in the shooting game genre
  • i play Tekken competitively
  • stream randomly
and there's even a bunch of other things i want to dabble in! such as:
  • recording let's plays
  • recording tutorial videos on pixel art and animation in GraphicsGale
  • recording random video content on YouTube (topic videos with a bit of a humor bent, like everyone else)
  • streaming more often :O
  • collecting arcade hardware

if any of that stuff sounds cool to you and you'd like to hear more about it or support me doing it, feel free to consider kicking me a couple bucks on Patreon. i will not be offering much (if any) unique content specific to "tiers" of patrons in any sort of regular or reliable way -- this is mostly just a tip jar / goal tracker for if you like my work.

don't feel like you have to be obligated to contribute, but every little bit helps. thanks a lot for stopping by. ❤︎
$48.15 of $500 per month
  • i'll actually start a stream schedule!
  • consistent YouTube content!
  • monthly music stream!
  • something else IDK!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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