C. J. Brightley is creating fantasy novels and short stories

$1 /creation
Super thanks! Even $1 helps. Get an ecopy of every short story I publish. Also you can ask me a question and I'll answer it on my blog!

$3 /creation
E-copies of whatever I write: novels, short stories, it's all yours. I have novel releases planned for April 2015, winter 2015/2016, and fall/winter 2016. I normally sell my novels for $4.99, but s...

$10 /creation
The $3 reward, plus even more gratitude!

$15 /creation
Pledge at this level and I will send you ecopies of all my previous work (as of 7/23/15, that's five novels and four short stories/novellas). Additionally, you'll get the $3 reward: ecopies of futu...

$25 /creation
You are awesome. I will send you a signed paperback of each future novel I write. When I make a collection of my short stories, I'll send you a paperback copy of that too (so you won't get one with...

$50 /creation
This would be awesome! You get the paperbacks and ebooks, plus you get any audiobooks I produce. Plus oodles of gratitude!

$100 /creation
Wow! This would be awesome. How awesome? You and I will work together to create a character and give that character the fate you decree. A heroic death? A happily-ever-after? You got it. This is co...