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Milestone Goals
Equipment Upgrades: CLNS providing the highest quality A/V coverage from TD Garden
$250 per month
The Locker room reporters and camera crews have set goals to upgrade equipment, and thus the quality of audio/visual coverage from the Celtics and Bruins' locker rooms.


Providing fans with the best exclusive, high quality sports coverage!


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Live from TD Garden in Boston, it's the CLNS Radio Patreon Profile!

CLNS Radio has been giving you high quality sports coverage for nearly seven years, free of charge. It is our intention to keep CLNS Radio's services free while expanding our offerings and creating more premium, exclusive coverage of your favorite sports teams. Additionally, a mobile app for the Android and Apple markets will be available for our fans very soon.

The only way we can accomplish these ambitious goals is with your help!

We appreciate your loyal reading, listening and viewing of our content and we want to keep  expanding our coverage for you. CLNS Radio has merchandise being designed and the previously mentioned mobile app in development. We have goals to upgrade our equipment to ensure that we give you the best content to view, listen to and read in the blogosphere. With such high aspirations we need your support - but not without giving back!

Our Patreon Mission Statement:

Our goal with this Patreon page is to offer you higher quality and easier ways to listen, read and watch our content. We need your help as these investments are costly. You have the opportunity to take ownership in CLNS Radio by contributing however much you can afford.

Our pledge to you is to put your donations to use in ways that will absolutely enhance your experience here at CLNS Radio.

Some More Information about the CLNS Radio Patreon Mission:

There are a number of costs associated with putting together a full-time blog, sports podcast network and YouTube TV channel.

Those costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the blog and YouTube Channel
  • Upkeep of network podcasts
  • Upgrades to our cameras, microphones and other equipment that allow us to continue offering excellent content and services.

With only main objectives, you may think that isn't a lot of work. However, the biggest expense is time. Our roster of writers, on-air personalities and producers put hours of work into their respective shows and articles. Whether it's our Post Game coverage of every single Celtics, Bruins and Patriots game or our YouTube Shows that are shot on the TD Garden ice or parquet - every single broadcast or written coverage is meant to provide you with the most information and entertainment that we possibly can.

We do make money from our sponsors and affiliates, but Patreon allows your ongoing support to help fund our shows' monthly overhead while allowing us to invest in upgrades and premium service, such as our soon-to-be released mobile application. If you feel like this is something you would like to do, we urge you to become a Patreon today for as little as $4.99 per month. Keep in mind, however, you are free to donate as little, or as much as you can afford - no amount (not even 50 cents) is too little!

We absolutely love supplying you with high quality Boston sports coverage and have been touched by your level of support over the past six years. We've had some amazing moments over the years! From supplying locker room coverage of five Celtics playoff runs and an NBA Finals berth to covering the Bruins' Stanley Cup Championship and Red Sox World Series Championship it has been an amazing ride. We were nominated for Celtics blog of the year in 2010. On top of all that, we have had a post game show after every single Celtics game since 2010 all while working with a volunteer staff!
With all that in mind, we couldn't have done it without you: the listener. You've been our inspiration and you keep our coverage pumping. It is time to hand out the all-access passes and invite you inside the virtual studio yet again by asking you to help us build the biggest and best Boston sports network, where the fans' voices are always heard!

About CLNS Radio

CLNS Radio is a free service to Boston sports fans all over the world. Some of our largest audiences are overseas as they're limited in their abilities to find quality Boston sports coverage.

Pledge $19.99 or more per month

Pledge your support with $19.99 per month.

Become a CLNS Partner & Expose Your Brand to over 500,000: CLNS Radio is celebrating 6 years in business, and 1 million listeners. CLNS was founded on 2 amateur fan blogs of the Boston Celtics. In 2009, the two sites merged, formed a C's fan site called, The Celtics Late Night Show and, thus, CLNS was born.

During our years blogging and podcasting, we've always felt that promotions, networking and mentoring of our fellow bloggers/podcasters is the only way to succeed in an over saturated market. We've always embraced our listeners/readers, but also our fellow Boston Sports Bloggers/Podcasters. As we are now into our 6th year, we are continuing this strategy by offering mega-discount rates on mini-promo campaigns.

Advertising for $9.99... that's correct! This special rate was set to help CLNS reach our donation goals via Patreon. While achieving those goals, we are offering you amazing value in return.

The below packages are built for small businesses, blogggers, podcasters and social media users, striving to become an authority and expert in the sports genre.
You're wondering, how does this work? Well, it's as easy as following the simple steps below:

-LIKE CLNS Radio's Facebook Page
-Follow CLNS Radio on Twitter
-Make your $9.99 (monthly) donation via major credit/debit card On this Page's Secure Server.

Once your donation is made, the CLNS Radio sales department will contact you, within 24-48 hours to discuss what you'd like to promote and how we will promote for you.

Promotions Include:
-Monthly Mention of your business, social media handles, facebook/google communities, sales, initiatives and any other promotional mentions you'd like. Additionally, CLNS Radio will link to your desired destination in our mobile app, website thank-you page and in a weekly email blast that reaches 1000s of sports fans.
-Additionally, because you're supporting CLNS Radio, we will ship you a FREE black, board member CLNS v-neck designer t-shirt AND an insulated CLNS travel mug.

Inexpensive advertising. Free merchandise. Exposing your brand to a massive audience within your target market.

More Details: All-Access Pass to TD Garden: High Quality CLNS Radio "Board Member" T-Shirt and travel mug | Additionally, have your name, brand (with company link/logo) and Social Media handles displayed on the CLNS Radio's "Thank You" page and announced on that week's scheduled podcasts. Our shows reacha super-niche audience of 50,000 unique listeners per month, all within your company's target market. As a non-company brand you will have your name and social media handles exposed to community members that share your interests.

*** Membership must be for a term of 6 months.
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