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Everyone knows someone who has this "amazing idea they are going to do when I get the funding for it". Lots are just waiting for a producer, studio, or the miraculous angel investor to fund their project. 

We have learned, and want to show, that dreams or made, not waited for.

After years of experience in producing commercial videos that had to look $100K but only cost $3K we learned an amazing amount about maximizing budgets, production quality, and the talents of amazing team-members. At the beginning of 2016 we realized that we had learned what we needed to learn from the commercial world of video, and we decided to instead pursue our original passion of crafting features films.

Imagine Mad Max meets The Revenant in space.

NAVIGATOR is the story of man’s struggle against man, in a world where they don’t belong. The tale follows an ageless protagonist on his journey to build a mysterious device from decayed starships which orbit a world, all while the once-inhabitants of those ships continue their civil war on the planet’s surface they have long been marooned on. 


Miniatures + Serial Film + Marketing

  • Miniatures: The foundation to the timeless effects of ALIENS, STAR WARS, and BLADE RUNNER will bring the world of NAVIGATOR to life at a fitting budget.
  • Serial Film: for the first time in 70 years we will be re-introducing the world to the concept of the serial film, through chapter releases we will be able to spread out our budget and build a following, chapter by chapter. 
  • Marketing: Whats the good of a great story if no one is there to hear it? We have learned a lot from innovative marketing for large corporations over the past 6 years and are excited to use these techniques on promoting a film. 

WHY A Sci-Fi

Youtube is chalked full of effects driven Science-Fiction movies. Effects driven is the keyword there, not story driven. Story should drive the effects and we want to push our selves to think differently about a typically heavy effects genera. Plus Sci-fi writing's and film's were first original shared in a serial fashion.


We aren't waiting to start the film until people help fund us. Pre-production on NAVIGATOR is well underway, and the first full chapter of NAVIGATOR will be finalized in the coming months. We have a strategy in place to keep moving forward with the film but your contribution still play a huge part. You will help us have the power to reach a larger audience. Your contributions will be used to help this project reach more eyes, help us grow a following, and allow us to share with aspiring creatives this groundbreaking and innovative way of creating feature films and not letting dreams become just dreams.

$5 of $4,000 per month
Inspire the Next Generation of Film-makers! branch out from only visiting local schools and conventions to allow for nation wide school and convention presentations to spread the message "I don't need someone to hand me $1 million to pursue my dream"
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