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is creating mods for Skyrim
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About COR Team

Who are we?

We are a team of modmakers: software engineers, 3d designers, artists. We are creating modifications for Skyrim and Skyrim CE games.

What we create?

We are currently working on a large-scale modification that will allow players and other mod-makers create high quality characters and NPCs in the game. Actually it will be a universal multifunctional tool to customize the appearance of the majority (and in the future of all) game races. 

 People know us as creators of "Charmers of the reach" mod

Our mod will be available in full version to everyone and completely free.

Why Patreon? 

The fact is that our project requires serious financial investments. We give you the results of our works for free, but licenses to use the materials we need, the materials themselves, the services of specialists and various technical issues cost money and for us it is quite expensive. Most of these financial costs are not necessary in order to create a mod but in order to provide it to you.

For this reason that we ask you to help us here at the Patreon. Your participation will greatly accelerate the development of the project and improve its quality.

What exactly do we need money for:
  1. Payment of necessary licenses for used materials from DAZ
  2. Purchase of materials necessary for work
  3. Payment of services of specialists and consultants on various issues of mod development.
  4. Updating and purchasing the necessary software and hardware for work.
  5. Additional motivation for us.

We will appreciate any of your help. Thank you for your interest in our work and your support. It is very important for us!

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