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About Catherine Scartaccini


My name is Catherine and I love to draw. Rumour has it that I was born holding a pencil ... whether or not that's true, I can certainly tell you that I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I also love animals, which is why I studied an honours degree at uni, majoring in Zoology and Human biology. It was fun, but I realised my passion for animals and the natural world is best engaged through illustration rather than research. Which is where you guys come in!

Not surprisingly, my favourite subjects to draw are animals, both living and extinct, real and fantasy. I do other things too - people, buildings, plants, anatomical illustrations. In a similar vein, I've basically worked in pencils my whole life, but I'd love to try other media as well.

If you like my work, this is where you can give me a helping hand getting my illustrating career off the ground, and then keeping it up there! Your support helps me cover living expenses, as well as buy pencils, paper, and the other art supplies I need to create good quality artwork. In return, I'll be giving you fun goodies like exclusive artwork and helping me choose stuff to draw!

If you are interested in looking through my portfolio check out my website
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