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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
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You can send me a name of game for NES or SMD platform, and I'll add in to the query of games that will be added in future versions. I'll post roadmap of development at the beginning of each month
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You can give me a name of game for NES or SMD platform, and I'll add one level of it to a CadEditor (it's only simple map editor with block pictures prepared by me, but you can change some backgrounds in your favourite game). It take about me about week for making config by me, no queries and long waiting for you.




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CadEditor is level editor for many classic console games, such as Chip & Dale, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales 1-2, Little Mermaid, Tiny Toon Adventures, Jungle Book, Flintstones, Little Nemo, Megaman 4-6, Contra Hard Corps, Earth Worm Jim 1-2. It supports about 160 games for NES and Sega Mega Drive platform.

It also used as level viewer and find secrets and easter eggs in this games.

List of all supported games

There are about 10 games with new levels made in CadEditor, such as:
Darkwing Duck New Levels
Darkwing Duck in Edoropolis
Chip and Dale Alternative
Chip and Dale: Lomax Attacks
Chip and Dale: Tale Spin Levels
Duck Tales - Revision
Tale Spin: Another Shitty Day
Remix of Tiny Toon Adventures

(I don't make hacks myself, but other romhackers use editor for create games with CadEditor)

Video from Darkwing Duck New Levels:

Video of Contra Hard Corps compressing:

Video of found hidden object in Chip and Dale 2:

I've been developing this editor since 2012 and have added numerous features to it: config system for adding support for almost any game, plugin system to add new subeditors without rewriting the editor code. But I have many new ideas that require much time to implement (layers support, convert levels between games, add configs games on SNES and GBA platforms) and want to add support for many other games (these can be any that you want).

With this Patreon campaign, I want to fulfil my dream: to gain knowledge about all secrets of my favourite games from childhood, and provide tools for viewing and changing them for any old-school gamer. It's really hard work that requires much time (romhacking, writing scripts, programming, documentation), so I need support from Patreon to be able to reduce the time spent on my daily job.

The level of support I receive here on will directly affect what is possible and how fast things can happen. Additionally, with your support I can develop some info (articles and videos) with interesting game-specific features.

What I want to achieve with Patreon:

- Add support for games for different platforms. Ideally, only need for adding new game is only specify addresses of the game data structures and select way, how to load it to editor.

- Improve level editor, so it can be used by game developers, both for creating games for old and modern platforms.

- Create documentation for project. With improvement of the editor, I want to engage game developers (and romhackers) to use it by creating examples and manuals for CadEditor.

(P.S. Sorry for my English level, it's not my native)
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I feel support from old-school gamers, so I will always support CadEditor and players, who not only play, but look inside games.
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