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About CafeGlow

Welcome. The video above is the PG rated trailer for Sessions, a new scripted series from CafeGlow starring Chloe. The actual show contains nudity and adult situations...


How do you deliver the videos?
All videos are downloadable from Google Drive or Dropbox links posted here on Patreon. The videos are in MP4 format at 1080p resolution.

Who runs this Patreon?
Chloe runs this page and does all the posts and updates now to allow Ty to focus entirely on creating films and photos.  If you need to reach Ty, Chloe will pass the message on to him.

Can’t I get the old videos?
Unfortunately there is no access to archives from years ago. No exceptions.

What do the videos show?
Ty styles Chloe in dresses, everyday street wear and lingerie. He likes to focus on her legs and high heels at times but a major portion of every video contains nudity and adult situations. Chloe is a little shy so you may not always see her face but you’ll always see her body. Viewer discretion is advised.

Did these things really happen or is it all made up?
Names and details are changed to protect the guilty but, in some way or another all of this happened to one or both of us. As the videos continue and perhaps become more provocative we may have to embellish but we always seek truth.

What are Chloe’s measurements?
Chloe is 5’11, wears a size small in most clothing and size 7.5 high heels.

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We will begin releasing a new episode each week instead of every other week.
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