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Do you like anime, gaming comics and everything in between? So do we and we want to make content you’ve never seen before.

What is Caiminds?

Caiminds is an entertainment and journalism website, bringing in some of the most talented content creators online and covering all some of the most exciting events happening in the geek and otaku world.

What are your inspirations?

What we want to achieve is a network like Defranco Elite, a community like Kinda Funny, and a host of content like Caiminds (there is nothing like us and what we want to achieve). Most importantly, we are inspired by you! We are fans like you and we know what is wrong with today's consumer practices like shady micro transations in full priced games just being one of them. We hate stuff like that! And we know you do too!   

Why Patreon?

We beleive that not only we can bring you exciting content but an unbias view on current events in the geek and otaku world. Mainstream media is influenced by what sells ad on their sites and videos. Aren't you sick of seeing the main AAA game studios taking the spotlight all the time? Now that's not to say we hate AAA games, far from it! We just feel with Patreon, we can cover topics and make content on what you want, not what ad trends tells us we should in hopes of getting a few extra bucks!

Where is your money going?

Caiminds is largely run by one person… Jamie. Although he does get assistance from time to time, most of the coding, creations and business side, is all run by Jamie. It has now gotten to the point where he has spent all the money necessary (Close to £3500/$4500) on the site ready for upcoming features and generally future proofing the site for a good few years. Since finishing with his investments, Jamie, along with several others, has been working on various projects. These projects now need your help. We have planned most of the work but we have reached a wall and unable to continue any further without your help. The money we hope you will very kindly pledge to us, we go towards; equipment, staff, props, commissions (music and logos for example), sets and sometimes travel (don’t worry we won’t be going oversees).

Will the 3rd Party Content Creators get my money?

No. Any extra funds will not be shared among 3rd party content creators. Instead, it will be set aside and solely spent on 1st Party content. Some of our content creators already have Patreons. If you only wanted to fund them instead of the Caiminds site as a whole, then we highly recommend you support your favorite content creator directly instead. The plan is (and always has been) to pay our 3rd part content creators using money earned from advertisements on the sites (excluding sponsorship's). Everyone who currently supply’s content to us, is already fully aware and understand our decision to do so. We feel by doing this, we are able to produce more content as a whole and ultimately drive more people to them as a result.

What is your main goal?

Caiminds will always be community focused business, to entertain and inform you and we want to continue that but make your voices heard even more. We want Caiminds to be your next go to place for everything you want.
  • Reporting the latest news form everything anime, gaming, comics and everything in-between!
  • Frequent live streams
  • More podcasts
  • How to build your own cosplay series
  • Visual Novel
  • An original cartoon about the most evil super villains and their tools
  • An anime inspired live action mini-series (keeping this one a secret for now)
These are only some of the ideas we have already fleshed out, many more are still in the planning stages. Caiminds is not just some people making money, it’s a community. You are the heart of Caiminds and your voices will be heard, whether that’s giving you a shout out in a video or telling Nintendo they f**ked up.

Being Transparent With You

As much as we would love to guarantee nothing will go wrong, it would be unwise to do so. You are so kind enough to pledge money to us that you deserve to know everything why your money may not be used right away.
  • Delays – Sometimes it’s impossible to predict what the world will through at us. We will try everything in our power to ensure what we do, is done to the highest of our standards and done on a timely manner. Yet, the world can be unforgiving and if we are delayed out of fault of our own we will try our best to work around and even spend time on other projects to fill the wasted time. All delays on promised features will be announced as soon as we know and why.
  • Low Funds – The amount of money we earn from you will determine how fast and how good our productions can be. There are some projects we can easily complete with low funds. However, if we reach a target where we can work on it full time, the projects will have much higher polish and will be released more frequently. Sometimes if a project is under budget, money will be set aside and saved until a time where we are able to have enough to spend on it.
  • Finding Staff – The problem here is Caiminds is a cloud based network of creators. If Caiminds is to be established as a physical company, somewhere we can work from, it will need to be in England. At first Jamie will work from home with one or 2 part-timers, but finding someone who can be there in person to work with full time, may be difficult. While Jamie has plenty of friends who has the ability to help, we feel it would be better suited if we found someone who was an all-rounder. Someone who could edit, film, act, build, the whole works, working full-time.

Anything Else?

If we do reach our goals, the work will not happen over night. If by some miracle we do achieve the high milestone, it will take a few weeks for everything to start getting into gear. But what you are helping us achieve is something bigger than all of us. You are are helping create a brand new platform.
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