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Hello all, welcome to my Patreon page.

In a nutshell, this is a way for you to help support the production of my art by donating $1, $2, or whatever dollars you choose each time I finish a new painting.  Part of the reason I am creating this page is that my preferred medium is oil painting, something that takes quite a while to make, as well as quite a bit of money.  While I've found being a starving artist not so bad, it does seem a bit of an antiquated cliché concept at this point in history, no?

 I don't expect to make lots of money from using Patreon, as most of my income from painting comes from commissions: instead, my intention for using Patreon is to be able to give back to those of you who are generous enough to support my art.

Each painting I do usually goes through several stages: here is a brief synopsis.  Feel free to skip it if you're not interested, and just scroll to the bottom of the list for more info on how to donate.

1-The idea.  It can come from a dream, a movie, a book, a song: ideas are like fish--it takes patience and hard work to catch one.  Ideas can be simple and easy to catch, or they can be difficult and big.  The bigger the catch, the bigger the line needs to be.

2-Sketching.  This stage is perhaps the most crucial.  It can take several sketches to encapsulate or parse the idea into something that is aesthetically pleasing.  To go back to fish, you can just eat some ideas raw, but putting the extra effort into the cleaning and gutting is really important if you want to serve up something special.  Once there is a sketch worth pursuing, it is time for the next stage:

3-Selecting an appropriate canvas/obtaining proper tools.  Canvases vary in size, shape, texture, color and cost:  it is important to select the right size to match the idea as well as the sketch.  Brushes too, have just as much variety if not more.

4-underpainting.  Oil painting requires that before the real painting can begin to take shape, a layer of base paint must be applied first, using solvent to plan out the basic framework and composition of the work.  This utilizes several techniques depending on the previous sketch's level of detail and size, but the underpainting is basically getting as much of the sketch onto the canvas as possible.  A successful underpainting should look like a finished work, even though the real work has yet to begin.

5-layering.  This is the real meat of the project, and different animal metaphors aside, takes up the lions share of the work involved.  Oil painting requires time and patience because each layer of paint must dry first before subsequent layers are applied.  There are mediums one can you use to speed up this process but usually in between each layer of paint one must wait a day or sometimes two days before attempting to paint over anything.  This is very time consuming and difficult work, and requires the most focus of all the other stages.

Once several layers have been completed, the painting is starting to look good, and it's time to add detail layers until the painting feels truly completed.  All told, the entire process usually takes at least over 100 hours, often two to three weeks, sometimes it can be a matter of several months of work or more: it all depends on the nature of each painting.

TLDR: oil painting takes a lot of planning, time, patience, and work.

If you've made it this far, thank you.  So: if you donate $1 each time I finish a painting, that's great.  If you want to make it $5, even better.  However, because the cost of oil paint and canvases, etc is so high, and I'm usually working on several paintings at once, there are substantially better rewards for donating at higher levels such as $10-$80, all of which can be found below.

if you have any questions for me about how this all works, about oil painting in general, or even if you want to commission a painting from me, please feel free to email me here: [email protected]

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. :)

--Caleb Powell

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