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Level 1- The Forest
per month
This level is to show your support for the Hero's journey as he goes through the forest, fight's small creatures and collect loot to survive!

-------> This level loot includes
+Access to my patron-only feed with sketchs and early concepts
Level 2- The Caverns
per month

As the Hero of this story finds his way into Forest, he comes across a large cave infested with bats, large bugs and bears! What items will our hero go in with to defeat these beasts!?

-----> This level loot will include,
+ Step by step process picture
+ Previous reward
+ High Res Images

Level 3- Dungeon
per month

Slaying creatures left and right, our hero continues his way down the caverns to discover a dungeon crawling with skeletons, ghouls and giant ogres. How will our hero prevail this time, does he have the knowledge to defeat them!?

------------> This levels loot will include,
+ A tutorial on fundimentals
+ Video process
+ Previous rewards



About Caleb Arredondo

Hey everyone! My name is Caleb Arredondo or also known as Fris through out my social medias.I'm going to give a quick summary about me and what i could offer to you if you become a patreon and maybe answer any question you might have!

So lets get start with me first! I've been drawing since the age of 4 and started drawing digitally since i was 11. Man, thinking about it now, i cant believe how much i've improve in since then! As a kid I would draw everyday thinking up new characters and their abilities! I knew i was destined for something in the future and that is to be a concept artist!With future goals, practice, passion and persistence i know it will help me along the way!
With your support, this will help me with future responsibility and help me,help you! If you have any character,tutorial and illustration request this is the place to ask them as a patreon of my page.
Thank you very much in advance for the support!
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Thank you very much! Even though this is small, its a start to a great journey through patreon!
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