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About Called To Wander

We are storytellers! We love people and we love to travel! So we started our travel blog as a way to share inspiring stories and provide information to help you overcome obstacles in your life to pursue your dream. 

By supporting us you help us fulfill our dream of helping people as we travel from Alaska to Argentina!

Lindsay takes amazing photos that capture the natural beauty of the world. Chris creates intriguing videos that share the story of our journey and the people and places we visit.

Together we use our passions and abilities to try and bring positive change into the world. 

We are in our thirties and have no kids or debt. We sold everything that we own, bought and renovated a truck camper RV and started our lives on the road!

  • Lindsay has Crohn's Disease and shouldn't really be traveling full-time. 
  • We don't have enough money to complete the entire journey to Argentina. 
  • And we've had to spend a lot more time and money fixing our truck and camper that we anticipated. 
But we feel truly called to wander and believe that in sharing how we learn to overcome these struggles in our journey we can both inspire and inform others on how to pursue the passions of their hearts!

In 2016 we had the vision to drive the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Argentina. It is really something we can't quite explain. We just felt a calling in our hearts to go. And we trusted that we would figure out more about our calling once we got on the road.

At the time we were fostering 8 children in a group home. We also owned a 40-year old fixer-upper sailboat. And we knew very little, if anything, about what the journey would entail.

But we were inspired by the idea that we might hit the road to complete the drive one day. We felt it was part of our destiny.

Thank you for considering to support us!

Your support means so much to us and we hope that we can continue to provide you with inspiring stories, videos and photography that encourage you and others to pursue your dreams! 
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Our greatest concern as we travel is maintaining ongoing medical care for Lindsay as she fights back Crohn's Disease. 

We're trying to focus entirely on helping people along our journey and capturing the best photos and videos to inspire others to travel with purpose. 

Meeting this goal will allow us to focus less on our worries over medical expenses for Lindsay and more on connecting with the people we meet in such a way that we can better share inspiring stories from the road. 

Thank you for helping us reach this goal!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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