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About Kuria

It all started when I was reading an issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine, and saw an ad for a star tracker called the Polarie, by Vixen Optics. I always wanted to photograph starscapes, and just needed to figure out how to get the stars sharp instead of trailing. When I was in college, I chose astrophotography for an independent study class, with a teacher who also loved the art form (Thanks Francis!), and acquired the tools I needed to start figuring out how to really get what I wanted from my star tracker. This process involved a ton of trial and error; mostly me finding out where and when to get good shots. For example, State and National parks are by far the safest, and have the least amount of cars driving through your shot. Later in my senior year of college I had to choose a subject for my thesis, and saw the perfect opportunity to expand on really doing astrophotography. This is where my love of travel and the night sky really got to merge and grow.

My day job is being a wedding and event photographer, and running a totally epic photo booth. However my passion lies with going to the State and National Parks, and capturing their beautiful night skies. I only get to go out and do astrophotography around three times a year. Two of those, being quick night trips, which are difficult because that means I don't get much sleep those days. The other one being a three to four day adventure to a National Park. I would like to get out at least six times a year and capture more stunning photos. Being in Washington State I'm not exactly short on places to go, and I have actually planned trips to almost everywhere one can go in the Pacific Northwest. I just need the funding to go there and let my creativity flow. I find with the weather in the PNW, it makes more sense to spend at least four nights in one location, so if the clouds roll in, I didn't just waste a trip looking at dark, cloudy skies.

A bit about my life as an artist; I graduated the Art Institute of Seattle with a Bachelors Degree in Photography. My mom, fiancé, and I just moved to a 5 acre property in Snohomish, WA, where we finally got to put up our art studio. I print and frame all my photos myself. Just recently, I started custom framing my own work from the studio we have. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, in the fact that when you get a print or a framed art piece, that artwork is 100% from me, no printer or framer besides my mom and I touch the work.
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I will travel at least once a month in the Pacific Northwest and create some amazing starscapes!
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