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Because you're directly supporting my efforts to develop new video content, you'll see all my latest videos as they're developed, as well as getting access to an archive of more than 30 fully-scripted Cambridge-MT recording and mixing tutorials -- that's 7 hours of no-filler content! In addition, you can see my 10-part 'fly-on-the-wall' mixing video series, where you'll see me mix a project right from the start in real time.

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About Mike Senior

I've spent the past seven years building up small-studio recording and mixing resources on the Cambridge Music Technology site, including:

All of those are free to use for educational purposes -- and I'd like to keep it that way.

However, generating and maintaining these resources involves an ever-increasing amount of unpaid work on my part. Although I love continuing to expand these free resources, I have long since reached the limit of what I can do on my own.

Which is why I'm asking you, the users of the Cambridge Music Technology site, to support my ongoing development work directly through Patreon. If I've helped you improve your production skills, then please help me continue expanding these educational resources for other up-and-coming musicians and engineers.

Where Your Contribution Goes

Your contribution will allow me to dedicate more time to creating new educational resources specifically for users of small studios -- hands-on tutorial videos, podcasts, audio examples, and online articles. I'll also be using your contribution to enlist professional help for live on-session video shoots and ongoing web development. More contributions will mean more new videos, faster growth of the multitrack and mic-position libraries, more powerful and responsive hosting, and a better learning resource for students and teachers. Every dollar counts.

Exclusive Benefits For Patrons

Via my Patreon feed, you gain access to an exclusive monthly podcast, in which I answer Patron questions, critique Patron mixes, provide tailored mixing advice for specific projects in the multitrack library, and offer unflinching and impartial opinions about important small-studio products and issues. For pledges over $5/month, you also receive access to new tutorial video products as they're created, while higher pledges allow you to promote your music/services on the most popular CMT web pages. And there's plenty of other bonus content besides!

For example, since launching this campaign in 2016, Patron rewards have included:
  • more than 30 fully-scripted Cambridge-MT recording and mixing tutorial videos. That's 7 hours of high-quality viewing -- with zero filler! Recent titles have included: "Recording Big Rock Drums -- In A Tiny Room!", "Drum Compression At Mixdown: Six Common Tasks & How To Handle Them (7-part Series)", "Recording Choir", "Freeware Spectral Metering -- And What To Use It For", "Recording A Solo Singer With Piano Accompaniment", and "Multi-purpose Band Recording". In addition, there's a 10-part 'fly-on-the-wall' mix series where you can watch how I mix a project from right from the start in real time!
  • 48 Patrons Podcasts (more than 32 hours of content), containing my personal mix tips on many of the most popular projects in the Free Multitrack Download Library, each episode illustrated with dozens of custom-made audio examples. Also included are detailed critiques of related Patron mixes in the Discussion Zone; no-holds-barred Unvarnished Reviews of products such as the Yamaha's HS8 monitors, Soundtheory Gullfoss, SubPac M2X, and Sonarworks's Reference; and answers to a variety of direct Patron questions.
  • two special Patrons Mix Contests (based on Diesel13's 'Colour Me Red' and Hannes Keseberg's 'You Know Better') where I offered detailed feedback for each and every entrant.
  • a 33-part 'Freeware Of The Week' article series, which is now being followed by an ongoing 'Reference Of The Week' series
  • Q&A articles answering specific Patron questions in detail, and day-by-day show reports passing on advice from the many top producers I tracked down at Los Angeles and New York Audio Engineering Society Conventions.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, photos, and videos from my recording and mixing sessions, as well as opportunities for Patrons to assist and shadow my work in person.

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