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About Cameron Cooper

Hi, I’m Cam.

I write space opera science fiction, both short and long, and usually in series. Finished series include The Imperial Hammer, The Iron Hammer, and The Indigo Reports. When I launched this page, I was just launching the new Ptolemy Lane Tales, and by the end of 2021, I’ll have a second new series launched, too. I’m a fast writer and tend to put out a story nearly every month.

It’s possible I sent you to this page, in which case, you’re already familiar with me and my work. If you browsed your way here via the Patreon front page, then hello!   If I’ve tweaked your curiousity even a little, you can learn more about me and my books at TIP: You can also sample my writing here.

If you choose to contribute to my Patreon page, it will help me in both concrete and intangible ways.

Like most indie authors, I struggle from month to month to cover bills. I’m aware of the myth that all fiction authors are rolling in cash, but it’s just not true, even though it persists with the same stubbornness displayed by cockroaches.

True story: When my kids were in elementary school, around the time I published my first novel, we asked for and got dispensation from the lunchtime supervision fees (with three kids, those fees added up!) Six months later we were presented with a bill for six months’ back fees plus interest! Once I had recovered from my stroke, I politely enquired with the school administration office and was told, “Oh, but we know you’ve published a book. You can afford the fees.”

I’m very, very lucky to be one of a tiny fraction of authors who can write full time, which just makes the business of paying the bills all the more terrifying. I don’t have a day job to back me up. The de-stressing effect of regular revenue is just one concrete way your patronage helps me. (And who knows? That destressor might very well let me write even better stories.)

Intangible benefits are many, including getting to know who you are (see the higher tiers that include Discord channel access and AMAs—which run both ways, you know!

As a Patron, you also benefit. Check out the benefits on the various tiers. And thank you for your support!

Cam Cooper

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