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About C&Rsenal

C&Rsenal started as a simple article site where Othais could try his hand at writing and photography.  Having made friends and fans with the original project, we decided to expand into video.

Our series attempts to display the complete history, design, and service of military small arms.  We've begun our effort with an ambitious goal of documenting the complete catalog of WWI armament.  We put in every bit of talent available to us in order to research, reload, film, photograph, and even animate these historical pieces.

But, of course, our subject matter leaves us outside the usual safety of advertisers and we've had a hard time monetizing through traditional means.  Luckily our Patrons have been extremely motivated and shown us their love for history and long-format documentary. 

We continue because our Patronage continues and we grow as it grows.  So thank you all for your support!
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C&Rsenal has reached a phase where we're just on the cusp of expansion.  However, in order to make it sustainable we'll need to expand the team permanently.  Help us afford the back end staff to reliably create additional shows!  
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