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About Cantera Image

Hello, everyone! My name is Manny, but I go by Cantera Image. I started out as a cosplayer as well as a photographer, but after so much approval and praise from my friends for how my pictures looked, I put the costumes down and picked up the camera. I started out with just a simple point-and-click, before moving onto my DSLR, and over the course of five years, I’ve been taking photos and learning all I can along the way from people willing to teach me. From cosplay to fashion, and everything in between, I try to capture the best of whatever poses or appears in front of my lens.
Coming to Patreon, I’m hoping to find a better outlet to share my images with the world. Granted, I’m just new to this type of thing, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this might present all new opportunities for me. In exchange for helping me along the way, I promise to deliver my backers with exclusive content and sneak-peeks into my further growth as an artist and a visionary. No matter what the amount, be it even a dollar, every bit is appreciated and helps.
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