Carbon16 is creating An Online Gaming Community and Streaming Content

$1 /mo
Just one dollar each month is a huge help to this community and shows that you want to be a part of its growth and long term success.  To thank you for your amazing contribution, I want to reward y...

$3 /mo
I am committed to providing a variety of game servers that allow this community to game together without having to deal with the problem elements of online gaming.  In order to make our gaming expe...

$5 /mo
This community is primarily designed to reward those who love and support it.  However, it is still my goal to make the community as accessible as possible to our friends, family, and guests from t...

$10 /mo
- Everything that comes with a $5.00 monthly contribution.
- A list of five pre-authorized users that can enter and speak in your restricted or private channel, regardless of membership.
- A ...

$25 /mo
- Everything that comes with a $10.00 monthly contribution.
- Reserve slot on 3 CarbonsGaming servers of your choice.
- A second Mumble channel or a sub-channel.
- Five more pre-authorized...