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Activity Feed!

$1 /mo
Thanks! You get access to the Patreon Activity Stream, which means early access to the comic plus whatever else ends up in there!

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$3 /mo
Along with the Activity Stream, you also get a desktop wallpaper of the exclusive monthly image.

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  • Monthly Wallpaper

Exclusive Stream!

$10 /mo
You're invited to at least monthly streams with comic drawing and Q&A. Or if the streaming stuff isn't working, we'll just shoot the breeze and play Pokémon or something. You also get the feed ...

Signed Print!

$25 /mo
You get an 8"x11" signed print of the Monthly Image. (The print will be somewhat different from the Wallpaper version.) Plus everything from lower tiers.

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Character Sketch!

$40 /mo
With your print I'll send you a simple character sketch, colored with color pencils. As I work digital, this is one of the few, if only, ways to get hand drawn art by me! If you have special req...

Front Page Attention!

$50 /mo
You get thanked publicly on the main page with, if you have one, a link to your site! You also get the stream access, the wallpaper, and hang out invite, the signed print, and the sketch!