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About Carlemile

Hey Everyone,

Carlemile here.

My website videos across several youtube channels (as of now six channels), all serving as companion to my website

My most popular channel has 500 subscribers and 1,569,031 Views. Through the email newsletters, youtube and other social accounts (vine, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc) I have a social media following of 2,236 people. My biggest audience is 25-34 year old males.

My website is a lifestyle & entertainment blog featuring videos and articles about Love, Sex, Success, Art, Business, Entertainment, Philosophy, Spirituality, Cooking, history, science, Health & Fitness as well as podcast, radio dramas, digital features, web series, sketch comedy, gaming, cooking, fashion, pop culture and music. 

I’m producing daily content and need help producing it! I don't look at is as funding, I call it collaborating with me and I so would appreciate the help.

Much Love, God Bless
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