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Who are you?

I'm Carlos NCT, illustrator and concept artist for video games and film. I studied Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain. I LOVE Sci-Fi stories, books, movies, comics I love watch them and create them.

In the last years I've worked on several RPG, CCG, and tabletop games. Specially to mention are collectible card game Legend Of The Five Rings (©AEG), Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 (©Konami), Dragon Age (©Green Ronin Publishing) and the upcoming animation film Capture The Flag (©Lightbox Entertainment ).

What do you do?

Taking part on big projects is amazing, but what I like the most is to develop my art and my own stories. I have different projects in mind and all of them have in common the sci-fi background. For now, I only can develop little by little these projects with sketches and concept art.

- Illustrations.
- Concept art.

What can I get for FREE?

You don't need to be a patron to find here illustration, concept art and time-lapse videos. Don't need to spend money to support me, but you can share, comment and follow this page, totally for FREE. If you want to support with money, you can pledge whatever you want. Also, you can get some interesting things like process images or exclusive content, even signed prints or original sketches. Keep reading below.

What I get as a patron?

· High-Res pictures
· Work In Progress images (WIP)
· Animated GIFS
(PSD Layers Showcase)
· Signed Prints
· Corrections & Overpaintings

Here you can find samples of what you get as patron:

High-Res pictures & sketches
: Process steps
Animated GIFs:
Where you can see how the picture is built.
Signed Prints: Format close to A4 (210mmx297mm) signed.
Non-Public content: Acces to non-public projects. Also you will see "Corrections & Overpaintings" rewards I make to another patrons.
Corrections & overpainting of your work. Show me what you do, ask me what you want. I'll help you to improve as an artist. This material will be abailable to $5+ patrons (It can stay private if you want)
Video Process. Eventually I'll make Time-lapse videos where you can see several work hours in a few minutes. From the sketch to the final stage, with pretty music!

Where can I see more of your artworks?

Please visit my Facebook page for know more about my work:

Why should I donate?

I don't know, I'll do it anyway! but with your support I can have more time to work on my own artworks, which are the stuff you can see on this page.

Help me to develop these projects!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts

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