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About Benji

The Carnal Souls Patreon

For the moment, this is to help us keep development going steadily. Although our IndieGogo campaign went extremely well, we didn't quite hit our goal. We fully intend to make Carnal Souls anyway, even if we use our free time, but funding makes sure we can dedicate all the time a project like this needs to be awesome.

We're aiming for a mid-2016 date for the initial release, which will be a beta version that, with your help, we plan to build on continuously for the foreseeable future.

What is Carnal Souls?

Carnal Souls will be a text-based, open-world, adult-rated RPG. Despite being text-based, we have a lot planned visually, such as a bestiary for all the flora and fauna of the world, and a journal to help you keep track of the NPC's, as well as a slick GUI.

To begin with only the Backers and above from the Indiegogo campaign will have access to the explicit artwork, but we plan to extend this to Patreon backers later down the line as well. All other artwork, backgrounds, items and non-explicit character art will be accessible to everyone, however.

What are the planned features?

You can see some more detailed posts about planned features on our site, but here's a breakdown:

  • RPG essentials: Experience and leveling, skills, perks, generated loot, spells, quests, and exploration.
  • An open world containing large cities, small settlements, ruins, caves, and dangerous dungeons.
  • Turn-based combat with a wide range of unique enemies, tactics, and bosses. Fight your foes toe-to-toe, blast them with spells, or seduce them.
  • A powerful character-morphing system that allows you to change every feature of your body, in small or massive ways.
  • An awesome Parser/Director system that allows us to make dynamic content and scenes, not only changing words to suit your description, but changing how entire scenes play out.
  • Unlockable, high-quality adult artworks that get added to your collection as you progress, as well as background location artwork.
  • Tons of races and peoples, any of which you can either play as or become - fully or partially. These include humans, demons, elves, orcs, satyrs/fauns, and lots of furry races as well. We'll be adding more and more as development continues.
  • Pregnancy and inflation, as well as possibly hundreds of status effects - some good, some not so good.
  • Highly interactive sex scenes that offer you choices before and during the act, so you can bang how you want to.
  • Origin stories - begin as a mage, thief, merchant - the choice is yours, and your choice will affect your starting gear, perks, and stats, as well as how the game begins for you.
  • Titles and nicknames that you can earn as you play by completing quests, uncovering secrets, or completing achievements. NPC's will call you by the title of your choice, where they can.
  • Alignments of Gender and Stature. Gender will be governed by how you look, how you dress, and any perks or status affects that'll make you more/less feminine/masculine. Stature will work the same way, but will be on a scale of vulnerable to intimidating, meaning massive armoured warriors won't get mugged by petty bandits, and delicate beauties may find NPC's to be much more generous.
  • Fluid gender identification means NPC's will address you as they see you. They may mistake your gender if it's difficult to tell, and alternatively a fixed pronoun preference can be set in the options as well.

We also plan to have support for mobile and touch devices later down the line, as well as numerous integrations between the game and our site.

Why no rewards here?

I would much rather dedicate my time to making the game, which is what you'd be funding, than use that time to create rewards and incentives. Carnal Souls is an ambitious project and I think it needs as much love as possible to create it to my standards.

That being said, we do plan to offer Backer status and above to Patrons after the initial release of the game is out. If it's realistic that we can offer this retroactively to those who made pledges made between now and then, we'll try to make that happen, but we can't make any promises. Please keep that in mind before pledging!

(This is a mock-up)

Thanks for looking at our Patreon! We're really excited about making Carnal Souls a reality, and we're already underway. You can check our site for updates and preview builds to poke around in. Your feedback is welcome!
$385.72 of $5,500 per month
This will give us what we need to survive the immediate future. With Brexit and possibly other factors causing the downturn of the UK economy, we need to reach this amount as soon as possible to avoid having to find new jobs and Carnal Souls going from a full-time project to a free-time project.
From now on, wherever possible, I'll be keeping this amount in USD to avoid any further degradation in value.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 159 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 159 exclusive posts

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