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Hello beautiful You!

My name is Carolin Reich and I‘m a freelance comic artist and illustrator from Germany.
Over the last ten years I worked for different companies and clients through the fields of Games and Advertising and published several comic stories.

Since 2016 I self-publish a comic series called “The Origin Story” (TOS)/ “Vom Anfang” (VA) with an archive of already four (german) books and a free-to-read, gradually growing online version on Webtoons, Tapas, Animexx and it's own website updating once to twice a week.
Currently, I‘m working on the fifth volume. The completed series will have seven books and with an overall estimation of 500-600 pages we are in the middle of things getting serious!

If you’re like me and can’t wait for the next updates, you’ve come to the right place!

With you joining the exclusive TOS-community on Patreon you are directly contributing to a permanent “twice a week” update schedule or even “three to four pages per week” and eventually enabling me to become a full-time Comic-creator.

Let me show you how this could be done:

Last year (2019) I tended to work 60-80 hours shifts weekly to publish my comic and achieve a decent income at the same time. Which is something you can do but not for long and you really don’t want to! Burnout here I come :D

  • 50 generous people at the 10€ tier or 170 at 3€ would help me cover my most basic living expenses while skipping contract work completely. These 500€ enable me to work full-time at the comic, which results in a permanent twice-a-week update schedule and additional illustrations/side projects.
  • With an even greater support of 1000€ I can hire additional help like flat-assistants or an editor, making it possible to publish two TOS books a year! A permanent three to four pages per week upload schedule will be my Thank You to you.

I know these are huge numbers, probably not achievable in an instant and overwhelming at first, but does this mean your support now is for nothing? Absolutely not!

  • 200€ per month from kind and (obviously) beautiful Patrons can already pay my health-insurance. Which is one contract job less and more time for content exclusively for you, like a monthly Patreon exclusive Request Livestream. You could spam all your favourite (crack) shipping pairings at me that are too non-canon to draw in the regular story. But in the stream I would have no choice ;D Your command is my wish!
  • And with already 20 beautiful people spending 3€ each I celebrate that I can pay my monthly software subscriptions necessary for creating my art by opening a Discord channel. There we can hang out, directly connect and you can check if I make good use of your money!

Okay you got it because you are not only beautiful, but clever too!
But let's be honest - Throwing money at me sounds tempting but what do you get in return?

I prepared a variety of pledge tiers for you to choose from with different rewards, e.g. like:

  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes content,
  • Yet Unpublished Sketches/WIPs
  • Patreon exclusive physical rewards and even original artwork.
  • Early Access to unplublished Comicpages
  • Monthly Livestream
  • Exclusive Discordchanel

Higher tiers always include all the rewards from lower tiers.
Patreon update is usually on Mondays.

Anything left to say? Naah… There are already enough words. Congratz for reaching this spot. You seem to be a way more patient person than me. Only one thing:

Come and join me on my journey. Let‘s create a fantastic adventure together!

I‘m looking forward to meeting you. :)


$178.15 of $236.45 per month
Wow, Thank you! That's a lot of money. The needs of my two cats are fully covered. The dine tuna... all day long. And my health insurance is covered as well. That's such a relief!! Thank you!!

To celebrate this I'll start a monthly private patreon only livestream where we can chat and talk and you can shout requests at me :)
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