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About Carolin Von Petzholdt


My name is Carolin von Petzholdt and I love animals, in particular Parrots.
I'm a bird advocate and started my Youtube channel in 2017 when I started free flying my macaw Hope.
I'm a YouTube Content Creator.
My goal is to produce and to entertain you. To make you happy.

I have extended knowledge with parrots. As a pet owner and mother of 6 parrots (Hope, Love, Glory, Destiny, Faith, and Angel.) I have a broad experience in the areas of parrot behavior, behavioral problems, free flying parrot nutrition, and training. I put all my knowledge in my first book "How to free flight train a Parrot" to help and educate you.

As you all know, YouTube is not my full-time job and I am on a mission to MAKE it my full-time job so I can dedicate 100% of my time to YouTube and creating more content for you. I have big plans in store for 2019 and I need a little extra support to get a new imac computer.

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I really appreciate you taking the time to join me on this journey. It's my life's mission to make birds happy. I know I couldn't do it without you. So... thank you!

Cheers to making a difference in the world!

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