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The Casual Friendly

$3 /mo
*As a Casual Friendly, you'll get access to Patron only posts, pictures, outtakes and bloopers. 

*You'll also get to to participate in fun polls! 

The Friendly Neighbor

$7 /mo
* As Friendly Neighbor , you will receive a personalized post card from one of my adventures (one time).  

* Neighbors also get to suggest topics for future videos and  yours might b...


The Friendly Confidant

$15 /mo
*  As a Friendly Confidant we share stories and ideas! At

this level you can email me your personal questions and I
will respond!  (one question per month).  

*  You will ...


The BFF (Best Friendly Forever)

$25 /mo
*  BFFs hang out together! As my Best Friendly Forever you get access to Patreon-only Google hangout events (at

least 3 per year)

*  BFFs also stay in touch: you'll get MORE p...


Fun Friendly

$50 /mo
Fun Friendlies receive: 

* Your name will appear in the video credits (in the
description) of all videos! 

* I will send you CRVL Fun Pack that includes a  T-S...


The "We're in This Together" Friendly

$100 /mo
We're nearly Ride or Die Friendlies at this point!  As  a "we're in this together" Friendly, we  MUST have an adventure together! And I can't think of a better adventure than a boondocking weekend!...