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Being a Sparrow will allow you to see a weekly upload of my one of my photos and information about when I took the photo and about  the bird itself.  And probably a dumb joke.

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Being a Warbler will also give you the Weekly photo and but will allow you to ask any questions you have about me, my photos, my camera, or birds in general.

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Being an Owl will give you the lower tier perks plus the ability to make suggestions on kinds of birds you want to photograph or local places to visit.  These photos will be up as one the weekly posts soon after.




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About CaseOPictures

I've decided to try and get support for my Wildlife (mostly bird) photography.  Thank you to anyone who helps/supports.
$8 of $300 per month
This is my first goal so it's sort of a test run.  The idea will be when I reach this goal I will add another tier that will help me go on birding trips and get constant information on the trip and multiple photos.  Trip destinations also might be up for suggestions from this tier.
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